The Best of the Best

This is a compilation of all my work throughout the entire semester taking COMM316. The photos I’ve selected are what I feel are my very best of all my photos of the semester. The photos I wish to showcase first in my portfolio. I have absolutely loved this class and all that I have learned from it and the friendships I have gained. It has been exhausting, tiring, draining, wearing and all the synonyms are such. But absolutely rewarding after all is said and done. I have grown more as a photographer than I ever thought I could/would and cannot wait for what is next for me and my career. Thank you, Caryn Esplin for your expertise, patience and mentoring. It has changed my life.












Personal Style Project

Check out my Personal Style Project for COMM316!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on my personal style project to finish off the semester. For my projected, I wanted to incorporate some of my design skills with my photography skills. I especially wanted to do something that could add even more to my portfolio. And, because with my future (almost current) business I want to offer design elements, I couldn’t think of anything better than making mock-up card design with some of my work from the past and some photoshoots I set up just for this project! The ultimate purpose of this project was to create a “look-book” of sorts for future clients to look and and get ideas for designs they would like me to make for them.

These are the cards I designed. I created two engagement/wedding announcements, two holiday cards, and two graduation announcements/invitations.

These designs are all made with my original photos (yes, even the one with me and the hubbs. yay for self-timers). The designs are all original, as well with some ideas influenced from others.







Outdoor Portrait Photography

Outdoor Portraiture Has Quickly Become One of my Very Favorite Things

Check out all of these awesome people! How cool are they? These have been some of my favorite people to get to know and to spend so much time photographing with. These photos were all taken on my three-day long photography excursion to the Tetons in early October. Just like me, they are all aspiring photographers (they make great models too though, right?). As you can tell, some of these are themed (hiker, fisherman, fox-coat babes) while others were taken of these guys just in their everyday styles. Serena Bolton is a very talented outdoor portrait photographer! Check out her stuff with this link! Which one is your favorite of hers? What about mine here? Let me know below!









Portrait Photography Lighting

Tips for Outdoor Portrait Photography Lighting

Getting good lighting for outdoor portraits can be tricky! Don’t even think about doing them outdoors at noon! You’ll get the funkiest looking shadows on your subject’s face. The lighting is just too harsh. Unless you completely luck out and shoot on a cloudy day with light evenly dispersed. What a hassle to remember and follow all these rules thought, right?! Here is a secret for how you can achieve evenly lit subjects and not have a blown out background!

Take these photos for example:

Here we have lighting that is well exposed for the subject’s face, but you miss out on a lot of the details in the background.


And here we have a nice, well exposed background, but half of the subject’s face is blacked out! Here enters auxiliary lighting!


With a speedlite, or any other form of off camera lighting, you can achieve just what you are looking for when in a beautiful setting and need that amazing new profile picture!


Here is also a link to a video for a handful of also very useful outdoor lighting tips! Let me know what you think down below!

People’s Environment Photography

Working with people with food in their environment is a unique style of photography!

This set of photos mixes a little bit of portrait photography with food product photography; and I’ll be real and honest, for me it was tough. As I am as a photographer now, I recognize that my strongest skill is portraiture, with some product skill. More it is far more heavy with portraiture. Where these two mixed, I realized very quickly that I have some things to work on with adding another element to portrait photography. And I’m very excited to do that!

Here is a list from National Geographic about people and portrait tips! I’ve found it very useful and talks about the necessary basics when it comes to portraiture.

Let me know what you think of my photos and if you have any tips for what I should look for and what I can make better!



Food Product Photography

Food Product Photography is so much fun!

These were all photos taken during a food photography shoot all about finding creative product photography shots, centered around food. Something that I wasn’t familiar with at all! It was so much fun to work with food as opposed to people (which is my most familiar subject) and find new and interesting angles with food. A certain photographer who is especially great with product photography, and especially food is Adrian Delsi. Check out their food and product photography!

One thing that I struggled with surprisingly was the fact that food is not a moving subject. Where I’m used to people, I can move them and use different poses to get new and more flattering angles. It’s something entirely different when working with food because there is only so much you can do to manipulate the actual subject. You really just have to move around. Get low, get high, get around. I’m excited to keep working with food as a product and working on my photography skills!




Motion Capture Photography

Check out this cool way to capture motion in photography!

Some of my favorite shots of the semester are these four right here just because they were fun to capture. For the shaving cream, I had my camera on a tripod, and had two helpers with spray bottles ready to fire as soon as a said go! For the water droplets (my favorites of the four to be honest), I had my camera on a tripod, a glass tray of water, a bag with a tiny hole poked in it and a speed light to freeze it in motion. And lastly for the strawberry, I had a spoon taped to the metal spoon, where I placed my strawberry and a friend to poor granulated sugar over the strawberry, Pretty cool, right?Like I mentioned, it was so fun to take these photos and see the results! For a step-by-step process on how to achieve your own amazing photographs that capture motion, check out Caryn Esplin’s 7 step process!





Fine Art Print

This Week I Got to Show-off my Art in the Spori Building at BYU-I!

To get this shot, I used a process called bracketing. It’s three images merged together so that each spot (The Tetons in the background, the Barn in the mid-ground, and the water and grass in the foreground) is exposed correctly.




Laura Hancock with Fine Art Print 'Autumn in the Tetons'

You can see my print hanging in the hallway of the Spori building on the first floor! To get from the before and after photos, other than merging the three photos, I raised the highlights and saturation. Because of the high-resolution print, we wanted to make sure it was well exposed, so I brought up the exposure as well as sharpened a lot of the details. Especially the foreground, barn, and mountains.


Fine Detail Photography

Beautiful Fine Detail Photography

Fine details in product and portrait can make for some really interesting and intriguing photographs. As a photographer, it’s essential and extremely beneficial to have an eye for the small details in life, because a lot of the time, these are what make the most beautiful and interesting photographs. Fine art is usually the fine and small details of a much larger object or subject. Or they are what make a larger subject more visually appealing. Small details are what give objects more contrast and variety.

Check out Martin Bailey‘s work for more examples of beautiful fine detail photography.

Let me know which of these is your favorite! Or just if you have any questions or comments.











Group Portrait Photography

Creative Group Portrait Photography

Historically I haven’t always been the best at group portrait photography. This photoshoot was amazing and so helpful in that I was able to practice and learn more about working with 2+ subjects and the dynamics with posing, camera settings, and proper lighting. I am pleasantly pleased with the quality of how these photographs turned out!

Here is a Pinterest board with examples of more creative and stunning group portrait photographs and photographers.

Please drop a comment down below if you have any questions or just to let me know which is your favorite!






Laura Hancock

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