Check out my Personal Style Project for COMM316!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on my personal style project to finish off the semester. For my projected, I wanted to incorporate some of my design skills with my photography skills. I especially wanted to do something that could add even more to my portfolio. And, because with my future (almost current) business I want to offer design elements, I couldn’t think of anything better than making mock-up card design with some of my work from the past and some photoshoots I set up just for this project! The ultimate purpose of this project was to create a “look-book” of sorts for future clients to look and and get ideas for designs they would like me to make for them.

These are the cards I designed. I created two engagement/wedding announcements, two holiday cards, and two graduation announcements/invitations.

These designs are all made with my original photos (yes, even the one with me and the hubbs. yay for self-timers). The designs are all original, as well with some ideas influenced from others.