Tips for Outdoor Portrait Photography Lighting

Getting good lighting for outdoor portraits can be tricky! Don’t even think about doing them outdoors at noon! You’ll get the funkiest looking shadows on your subject’s face. The lighting is just too harsh. Unless you completely luck out and shoot on a cloudy day with light evenly dispersed. What a hassle to remember and follow all these rules thought, right?! Here is a secret for how you can achieve evenly lit subjects and not have a blown out background!

Take these photos for example:

Here we have lighting that is well exposed for the subject’s face, but you miss out on a lot of the details in the background.


And here we have a nice, well exposed background, but half of the subject’s face is blacked out! Here enters auxiliary lighting!


With a speedlite, or any other form of off camera lighting, you can achieve just what you are looking for when in a beautiful setting and need that amazing new profile picture!


Here is also a link to a video for a handful of also very useful outdoor lighting tips! Let me know what you think down below!