Food Product Photography is so much fun!

These were all photos taken during a food photography shoot all about finding creative product photography shots, centered around food. Something that I wasn’t familiar with at all! It was so much fun to work with food as opposed to people (which is my most familiar subject) and find new and interesting angles with food. A certain photographer who is especially great with product photography, and especially food is Adrian Delsi. Check out their food and product photography!

One thing that I struggled with surprisingly was the fact that food is not a moving subject. Where I’m used to people, I can move them and use different poses to get new and more flattering angles. It’s something entirely different when working with food because there is only so much you can do to manipulate the actual subject. You really just have to move around. Get low, get high, get around. I’m excited to keep working with food as a product and working on my photography skills!