Check out this cool way to capture motion in photography!

Some of my favorite shots of the semester are these four right here just because they were fun to capture. For the shaving cream, I had my camera on a tripod, and had two helpers with spray bottles ready to fire as soon as a said go! For the water droplets (my favorites of the four to be honest), I had my camera on a tripod, a glass tray of water, a bag with a tiny hole poked in it and a speed light to freeze it in motion. And lastly for the strawberry, I had a spoon taped to the metal spoon, where I placed my strawberry and a friend to poor granulated sugar over the strawberry, Pretty cool, right?Like I mentioned, it was so fun to take these photos and see the results! For a step-by-step process on how to achieve your own amazing photographs that capture motion, check out Caryn Esplin’s 7 step process!