Ordinary Spot, EXTRA-ordinary Shot

What sets you apart as a photographer? It’s always that “coveted” shot, right? The creative angle. The fascinating lighting. The interesting pose. These and many more are what sets a photograph and a photographer apart from the rest. That is was OSES, or Ordinary Shot, Extraordinary Spot is all about.

Check out my friend Douglas Phan‘s website with his renditions of OSES (Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot).

This first ordinary spot, extraordinary shot was a shot of a chess board, just in an ordinary classroom that you see pictured. What makes the shot interesting is the lighting. I used a speedlite with a snooted flashbender set up at a 90° angle from the chessboard. In my second photo, to capture the image I used a speedlite as well, but the flashbender was not snooted, so it added a more dispersed, even lighting across the whole record player. This image of the record player was taken in my kitchen, as you can see in the “ordinary spot” shot.