Table Top Light Painting

There is so much about these photos that I learned from. Not only was I able to learn my camera settings (shutter speeds and aperture settings) in the dark, but figuring out how to control my light. These photos were captured in a process called “light painting” because you are essentially painting, or choosing what parts of a scene appear, with a flashlight. This technique is one that has been nearly perfected by artist Dave Black.

If you aren’t careful. you can get what are called “light trails” which appear in your photo when you point your light source directly at the camera and the direct light is picked up. Also if you aren’t careful, you can over light and completely blowout part of a scene by exposing it to too much light for too long (the length depends on the length of your shutter speed.) My favorite one to capture has to be the glass soda bottles, because they created such vibrant glows. That one actually took multiple attempts because I kept getting light trails! The one that I wish was a bit better is the baseball and American flag light painting. In the top corners I wish there was just a bit more light exposed to those spots of the scene.

Check out the master, Dave Black‘s light painting on Google.